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  • GNFC Fertilizers – 20-20-0 NARMADA PHOS

    • Granules are Uniform, Grey in Color and Free Flowing
    • Narmada Phos contains 20% N and 20% P2O5 available to plants
    • Ensures Balanced Fertilization for Basal Application At Sowing Time
    • Addition to N and P2o5, Narmada Phos Contains Calcium and Micronutrients

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    3.00 out of 5
  • Deepak Fertilizers Mahadhan Bensulf

    • 0 % Elemental Sulphur & 10 % bentonite Clay
    • Used as Complex Fertilizers
    • Improves Yield
    • Maintains Soil Fertility.

    1 review
    4.00 out of 5
  • National Fertilizers-Phosphate solubilising Bacteria

    • Solublizes insoluble Phosphate.
    • Increases Yield By 10-30%.
    • Produce Enzymes Which Mineralise organic Phosphorous to Solubleform.
    • Suitable for: All Plants

  • Deepak Fertilizers-Mahadhan Natural Fertilisers

    • Natural Fertilizers
    • Suitable for Fruits & Vegetables
    • Required By High Quality Cash Crops for Precision Application
    • Maintains Soil Fertility.

    1 review
    4.00 out of 5
  • Chambal Fertilizers-Uttam SSP

    • Single Super Phosphate (16% Phosphorous 11% Sulphur)
    • Increases Yield
    • Used as Straight Fertilizers

  • MCF Fertilizers-Mangala Urea

    • Can be Applied to Soil. Also Suitable in Solution form as Spray
    • Application Is Recommended in Split Doses for better Use Efficiency
    • Less Acidifying and Most Suited for High Ph Soils
    • High Concentration Of Nutrients Makes Packing, Storage and Transport Cost Cheaper

  • Coromandel Fertilizers-GROMOR Parry Super / GROMOR Double Horse Super

    • First Chemical Fertiliser to be Manufactured in india.
    • Contains 16 % Phosphate, 11 % Sulphur and 19 % Calcium
    • Favoured Fertiliser for Dry Land Areas.
    • Increases Productivity.
    • Increases Oil Content in Oil Seed Crops Especially in Groundnut, Sunflower Etc.
    • Increases Sucrose Content in Sugarcane.
    • Increases Flavour and Taste in Vegetables.
    • Calcium Present in This Product Helps in Pod Development of Groundnut and Pulses

  • Zuari Fertilizers-Jai Kisaan Samarth

    • At a ratio of 10:26:26, the fertilizer is low in N but high in P and K, making it ideal for basal application
    • inimizing wastage of nutrients in the process
    • Low Nitrogen in Samarth is Ammoniacal in form and Helps in Controlling the Excessive Vegetative Growth of Crops
    • Phosphorus in Samarth is Completely Water Soluble

  • RCF Fertilizers-Sujala 19:19:19

    • Sujala Has A Long Shelf Life
    • Proportion of Air, Moisture and Nutrients are Effectively Maintained at Root Zone
    • Reaches Directly at Root Zone Along with Required Water Through Drip
    • Bumper Yield

    1 review
    4.00 out of 5
  • National Fertilizers-Azetobactor Non-Symbiotic

    • Fixes 20-40 Mgn/G of C-Source
    • Produces Growth Promoting Substances Like Vitamin B Groups, indole Acetic Acid and Giberellic Acid.
    • 0-15% Increase in Yield.
    • Maintains Soil Fertility.
    • Biological Control of Plant Diseases By Suppressing Some Plant Pathogens.
    • Suitable for: Wheat, Jowar, Barley, Maize, Paddy, Mustard, Sunflower, Sesamum. Cotton, Sugarcane, Banana, Grapes, Papaya,Watermelon, Onion, Potato, tomato

  • Coromandel Fertilizers-GROMOR 12:32:16

    • Helps the Young Plants to Establish Faster, Even Under Adverse Soil or Climatic Conditions.
    • Helps in Greater Root Penetration and better Root System Even in Poor Soils
    • Ideal For Soya Bean, Potato And Other Commercial Crops
    • Helps Young Plants to Establish Faster, Even Under Adverse Soil or Climatic Conditions

  • GNFC Fertilizers-NARMADA Urea

    • Narmada Urea contains less than 1% biuret
    • the granules of Narmada Urea are white, uniform in size and free flowing which ensures even distribution in the soil
    • Equally Effective for All Kind of Soils and Crops
    • Convenient for Foliar Application on the Canopy of the Plant

  • Zuari Fertilizers-Sanjeevani

    • Ideal for Balanced Fertilization
    • Recommended for Foliar Spray At Vegetative, Flowering and Fruit Development Stages
    • Helps in Establishing Healthy Vegetative Growth

  • Chambal Fertilizers-Uttam Polybor

    • Di Sodium Octa Borate Tetra Hydrate (Boron 20%)
    • Used as Micro-Nutrients/Specialty Fertilizers
    • Increases Yield

  • National Fertilizers Rhizobium (Symbiotic)

    • Fixes 50-300 Kg. N/Hactre
    • Leaves Residual Nitrogen for Succeeding Crop.
    • Increase Yield By 10-35%
    • Maintains Soil Fertility.
    • Suitable for: Gram, Peas, Lentil, Moong, Urd, Cowpea, Arhar, Subabul, Shisam, Shinsh, Groundnut and Soyabeans

  • GSFC Fertilizers-Di-Ammonium Phosphate

    • Used As Complex Fertilizer for Supply of ‘N’ and ‘P2O5’ Nutrients
    • Used in Basal Application of Fertilizers Due to Slow Releasing Nature of Dap
    • Contains 18% Nitrogen by weight
    • Contains 41% Water Soluble Phosphates by Weight

  • Deepak Fertilizers Mahadhan Tez

    • Chelated Micronutrient Fertiliser
    • Suitable for Fruits & Vegetables
    • Required By High Quality Cash Crops for Precision Application
    • Maintains Soil Fertility.

  • MCF Fertilizers-Mangala MOP

    • Readily Dissolves in Water
    • On Application to Soil, It Ionizes to Dissociate into K & Cl Ions
    • Suitable for All Crops Both for Basal Application & top Dressing
    • Essential for All Crops for Healthy Growth and better Yields

  • Deepak Fertilizers-Mahadhan Chetak

    • Di Ammonium Phosphate (DAP)
    • Improves Yield
    • Maintains Soil Fertility.

  • MCF Fertilizers-Mangala Single Superphosphate

    • Phosphorus and Sulphur Are Present in a Single Product
    • Suitable for All Crops Both for initial Application and top Dressing
    • Application is Recommended in Split Doses for better Use Efficiency

  • GSFC Fertilizers-Micro Mix

    • Used as Micronutrient Supplement
    • Suitable for Variety Of Crops Like Fruits, Vegetables, Oil Seeds, Cotton, Tobacco Flowers Etc
    • It helps in enhancing quality & crop productivity
    • It contains five micronutrients, which are required by crops in trace quantity

    1 review
    4.00 out of 5
  • Zuari Fertilizers-Sulpho 50 (17.5% S)

    • Technically known as Sulphate of Potash
    • Speciality Fertiliser that Contains Potash, Enriched with Sulphur
    • Helps in increasing the Crop’s Resistance to insect and Disease Attack and Moisture Stress
    • Sulpho 50 Helps in Improving Sugar Content in Fruits, Size, Quality Etc
    • Helps in Hastening Maturity and is Chlorine Free

  • Coromandel Fertilizers-GROMOR 14-35-14

    • Unique Grade offered Exclusively By Coromandel.
    • Contains Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium.
    • Highest total Nutrient Content Among Npk Fertilizers (63%)
    • N & P Ratio Same As Dap. in Addition, Gromor 14-35-14 Has Extra 14% Potash.
    • High in Phosphorous Content (35%).
    • Best for Almost All Kinds of Crops Like Cotton, Groundnut, Chilly, Soya bean, Potato.

  • Zuari Fertilizers-Jai Kisaan Suraksha

    • Potash Helps in Bolstering Plant’s Resistance to Pests & Diseases
    • Copletely Water-Soluble and can be Easily Administered to Plants
    • Jai Kisaan’s Muriate of Potash (MOP) fertilizer from Zuari is a Popular Imported Potassic Fertilizer

  • Deepak Fertilizers-Mahadhan Amruta

    • Water Soluble Fertilisers
    • Used as Complex Fertilizers
    • Improves Yield
    • Maintains Soil Fertility.

  • Zuari Fertilizers-Jai Kisaan Sampanna

    • the phosphate present is entirely soluble, making it easily available to plants
    • the sulphur present helps in improving yields
    • Increased Oil Content in Oil Seeds and Sugar Recovery in Sugarcane, Starch in Tuber Crops, Protein in Food Crops, and Nodulation in Pulses
    • the Sulphur is Especially beneficial for Crops Like Garlic, Onion, tobacco, Tea, Oilseeds, Etc.
    • Sampanna Hastens Crop Maturity, While Reducing Soil Alkalinity and Building Disease Resistance

  • GSFC Fertilizers-NPK – 10:26:26

    • Used as a Complex Fertilizer
    • Used In a Basal application in Crops Like Wheat, Paddy, Maize, Pulses, Sugarcane, Vegetables Etc.
    • Rich Source of all Three Major Nutrients Like Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash
    • Produces High Yield

  • Coromandel Fertilizers-GROMOR 17:17:17

    • Supplies All Three Major Nutrients 17% Each of Nitrogen, Phosphate & Potash to the Crops
    • Contains 5% N in Ammonical form & 12% N in Urea form Which Ensures Availability of N in Two forms.
    • Contains 14.5% Out of 17% Phosphate in Water Soluble form Which is Easily Available to Crops.
    • Contains Entire Potash in Water Soluble form.
    • Ideal Fertilizer for Almost All Crops As It Supplies All 3 Major Nutrients.
    • Ideally Suited for Vegetable Crops.
    • Preferred Grade in South india

  • Chambal Fertilizers-Uttam Sulton

    • 90% Sulphur
    • Used as Micro-Nutrients/Specialty Fertilizers
    • Increases Yield

    1 review
    4.00 out of 5
  • GSFC Fertilizers-APS – 20:20:0:13

    • Used as Complex Fertilizer
    • Rich Source of ‘N’, ‘P2O5’ & ‘Sulphur’ Nutrients
    • Contains 20% Nitrogen by weight
    • Contains 17% Water Soluble Phosphates by Weight

  • Chambal Fertilizers-Uttam DAP

    • Di-Ammonium Phosphate (46% Phosphorous 18% Nitrogen)
    • Used as Straight Fertilizers
    • Increases Yield

    1 review
    5.00 out of 5

Showing 1–32 of 67 Result