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  • National Fertilizers-Neem Coated Urea

    • Neem Coating Reduces Release From Urea and Increase its Use Efficiency
    • Produced Significantly Higher Yield
    • Used as Straight Fertilizers

  • National Fertilizers-Kisan Urea

    • Highly Concentrated, Solid, Nitrogenous Fertilizer, Containing 46.0% Nitrogen
    • Completely Soluble in Water Hence Nitrogen is Easily Available to Crops
    • Contains Nitrogen in A Milder form Which Changes to Ammonical forms
    • Urea is Available in Granular form and Can be Applied By Drill and Broadcasting
    • Ideally Suitable for All Types of Crops and for Foliar Spray Which instantly Removes Nitrogen Deficiency
    • Kisan Urea Helps in Absorption of Other Nutrients Like Phosphate and Potash By Roots of Crop.

Show all 2 Result