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  • GNFC Fertilizers – 20-20-0 NARMADA PHOS

    • Granules are Uniform, Grey in Color and Free Flowing
    • Narmada Phos contains 20% N and 20% P2O5 available to plants
    • Ensures Balanced Fertilization for Basal Application At Sowing Time
    • Addition to N and P2o5, Narmada Phos Contains Calcium and Micronutrients

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    4.00 out of 5
  • GNFC Fertilizers-Narmada Need Urea

    • Ensures Slow and Continuous Availability of Nitrogen to Crops
    • Ensures better Yield and Profits to Farmers / Growers
    • Protects Crops From insects, Pests, Fungus, Virus, Soil Borne Diseases Etc. Due to the Presence of Neem Triterpenes
    • Neem coated urea shows significant performance in delaying the microbial conversion of ammonical nitrogen to nitrite nitrogen

  • GNFC Fertilizers-NARMADA Urea

    • Narmada Urea contains less than 1% biuret
    • the granules of Narmada Urea are white, uniform in size and free flowing which ensures even distribution in the soil
    • Equally Effective for All Kind of Soils and Crops
    • Convenient for Foliar Application on the Canopy of the Plant

Show all 3 Result