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  • Zuari Fertilizers-Boost 52

    • Technically known as Mono Potassium Phosphate
    • Completely Water-Soluble and induces Increased Flowering and Fruit Set
    • Boost 52 Has An Npk Ratio of 00:52:34
    • Regular Use of This Fertiliser Can Reduce Premature Flower Dropping and Fruit Shedding.
    • Can be Sprayed During the Flowering, Fruit formation, and Grain Filling Stages

  • Zuari Fertilizers-Sulpho 50 (17.5% S)

    • Technically known as Sulphate of Potash
    • Speciality Fertiliser that Contains Potash, Enriched with Sulphur
    • Helps in increasing the Crop’s Resistance to insect and Disease Attack and Moisture Stress
    • Sulpho 50 Helps in Improving Sugar Content in Fruits, Size, Quality Etc
    • Helps in Hastening Maturity and is Chlorine Free

  • Zuari Fertilizers-Jai Kisaan Samarth

    • At a ratio of 10:26:26, the fertilizer is low in N but high in P and K, making it ideal for basal application
    • inimizing wastage of nutrients in the process
    • Low Nitrogen in Samarth is Ammoniacal in form and Helps in Controlling the Excessive Vegetative Growth of Crops
    • Phosphorus in Samarth is Completely Water Soluble

  • Zuari Fertilizers-Jai Kisaan Sampanna

    • the phosphate present is entirely soluble, making it easily available to plants
    • the sulphur present helps in improving yields
    • Increased Oil Content in Oil Seeds and Sugar Recovery in Sugarcane, Starch in Tuber Crops, Protein in Food Crops, and Nodulation in Pulses
    • the Sulphur is Especially beneficial for Crops Like Garlic, Onion, tobacco, Tea, Oilseeds, Etc.
    • Sampanna Hastens Crop Maturity, While Reducing Soil Alkalinity and Building Disease Resistance

  • Zuari Fertilizers-Atom 61

    • Atom 61 is technically known as mono ammonium phosphate and is a completely water-soluble fertiliser
    • The Phosphorous Content In This Fertiliser Is 61%
    • Can be Mixed with Other Fertilisers Except Those That Are Part of the Calcium Group
    • Atom 61 Helps in Flower Setting and Panicle Emergence

  • Zuari Fertilizers-Sanjeevani

    • Ideal for Balanced Fertilization
    • Recommended for Foliar Spray At Vegetative, Flowering and Fruit Development Stages
    • Helps in Establishing Healthy Vegetative Growth

  • Zuari Fertilizers-Jai Kisaan Suraksha

    • Potash Helps in Bolstering Plant’s Resistance to Pests & Diseases
    • Copletely Water-Soluble and can be Easily Administered to Plants
    • Jai Kisaan’s Muriate of Potash (MOP) fertilizer from Zuari is a Popular Imported Potassic Fertilizer

  • Zuari Fertilizers-Jai Kisaan Urea (46%N)

    • Most Recognised Brands Of Urea Amongst Indian Farmers
    • Ideal for Foliar Spraying
    • Low in Biuret Content

  • Zuari Fertilizers-Jai Kisaan Samrat

    • ideal for basal application for all crops
    • the nitrogen found in this fertilizer is in Ammoniacal form
    • the Phosphorus Present in the Fertilizer is Completely Water-Soluble
    • Most Economical Fertilizer for Application of Nitrogen and Phosphorus.

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