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  • MCF Fertilizers-Mangala MOP

    • Readily Dissolves in Water
    • On Application to Soil, It Ionizes to Dissociate into K & Cl Ions
    • Suitable for All Crops Both for Basal Application & top Dressing
    • Essential for All Crops for Healthy Growth and better Yields

  • GNFC Fertilizers-NARMADA Urea

    • Narmada Urea contains less than 1% biuret
    • the granules of Narmada Urea are white, uniform in size and free flowing which ensures even distribution in the soil
    • Equally Effective for All Kind of Soils and Crops
    • Convenient for Foliar Application on the Canopy of the Plant

  • Chambal Fertilizers-Granubor

    • 15 % Boron
    • Used as Micro-Nutrients/Specialty Fertilizers
    • Increases Yield

Showing 65–67 of 67 Result