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  • Mahindra Laser Land Leveler

    • Higher Yeild
    • Enhances Soil Moisture Distribution & Better Germination
    • Increases fertility of land & better control of water distribution
    • Better control of water distribution with negligible water losses.
    • Advance Laser Technology for Levelling the Field

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  • Fieldking Laser Guided Land Leveller – FKLLL

    • Increases Productivity
    • Reduces Water required in Irriggation
    • Power cable for powering system from tractor power(12Volt)
    • Automatic Elevation Alert
    • AC Power Cable for Charger

  • Universal Laser Guided Land Leveller BEBULG-7

    • Perfectly level the Ploughed fields
    • Facilitates a Uniform distribution of water
    • Reduces the Time and Water required in Irriggation
    • Can be transported easily using the hydraulic cylinder and tires mechanism.
    • Made of Long Lasting Alloy Steel

  • LandForce Laser Land Leveller – LLN2B

    • Increases Productivity
    • Save Irrigation water upto 40%
    • Reduces Weed in Field
    • Save Fuel, Electricity used in Irrigation
    • Increase yield by 30%

Show all 4 Result