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  • DuPont Pioneer Sunflower Hybrid 65A41

    • Matures Within 110-115 Days
    • Suitable to andhra Pradesh & Bihar
    • Long Maturity Hybrid
    • Deep Root System Allows The Crop to Flourish Even On Low Residual Soil Moisture
    • Responds Highly to increased inputs

  • DuPont Pioneer Sunflower Hybrid 64A57

    • Matures Within 100-105 Days in Punjab & Haryana
    • Most Suited for North & Central india
    • Highly Suitable to Medium Maturity Irrigated Areas
    • High Yielder With Good Oil Content

  • DuPont Pioneer Sunflower Hybrid 64S99

    • Highest Volume Weight
    • Matures Within 95-100 Days (110-115 Days in Punjab & Haryana)
    • Widely Adaptable Hybrid Suitable to All Sunflower Growing Areas for Both Rainfed & Irrigated Cultivation
    • Tolerant to Bud Necrosis Virus

Show all 3 Result