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  • Rasi CO 4

    • 130- 135 Days Hybrid
    • Medium Slender Grain Type
    • Resistant to Blast & Brown Spot Diseases
    • A Govt of India Notified Hybrid From Tnau

    1 review
    4.00 out of 5
  • Rasi Bitter Gourd Seed Parijat (17) F1

    • Strong and Vigorous Vine with More Branches.
    • Predominantly Female Type.
    • Dark Green Glossy Fruits with Medium Strong Spines.
    • Oval Shaped Fruits are 8-9 X 4 Cm with Average Weight 40-50 Gm.
    • Intermediate Resistance to Pm&Dm.
    • Green to Dark Green Foliage & Prolific Bearing

  • Rasi RCH 779 BGII

    • Early Boll Setting
    • Open Type/Erect
    • Long Sympodia & Long Chain Bearing

    1 review
    4.00 out of 5
  • Namdhari Cabbage Seed-GAURAV (252)

    • Recommeded for India
    • Very Dark Bluish Green Foliage with Good Wrapper Leaves
    • Heads are High Round (cone) In Shape Weighing 1.5 – 1.75 Kg with Excellent Firmness and Density
    • Very Much Suitable for Hilly Regions
    • Ery Uniform attractive Hybrid with Very Good Field Holding Capacity

  • Rasi RCH 602 BGII

    • Tolerance to CLCuV
    • More Number of Plants/Acre
    • Big & High Number of Bolls

    1 review
    5.00 out of 5
  • Rasi Ash Gourd Seed Viraat (016) F1

    • Vigorous and Prolific Hybrid.
    • Early Maturity Hybrid,Harvesting Can Start 75-80 Days Sowing.
    • Uniform Square Round Green Fruits Which Turns to Waxy at Full Maturity,Weighing Around 6-8kg Each.
    • Very Good internal Quality with Thick Milky White Smooth Firm Flesh,High Flesh Recovery.

  • DuPont Pioneer Mustard 45J51

    • High Yielding Crop
    • Suitable for Light Soils and Average Management Conditions
    • Atures in 125 – 130 Days

  • DuPont Pioneer Sunflower Hybrid 65A41

    • Matures Within 110-115 Days
    • Suitable to andhra Pradesh & Bihar
    • Long Maturity Hybrid
    • Deep Root System Allows The Crop to Flourish Even On Low Residual Soil Moisture
    • Responds Highly to increased inputs

  • Eastwest Cucumber Seed-Encounter F1

    • Strong Vigor with More Side Branches
    • High Yield Potential
    • Fruits with Good Shelf Life & Wide adaptability

    1 review
    4.00 out of 5
  • Safal Tomato Seed-Roma VF Tomato

    • Very Popular Variety in africa
    • Strong Heavy Cover asia
    • Good for Processing

  • Ajinkya Green Beans Seed HA-3

    • Highly Nutritious
    • Hygienically Packed
    • Excellent Taste

  • Rasi Cauliflower Seed Anandi (30) F1

    • Medium to Large Plant Frame with Semi Erect Medium Blanched Leaf Habit
    • Compact Creamish to off White Curds with An Average Weight Of 650-700 Gm
    • Uniformity in Plant Type and Crop Maturity
    • Matures in 55-60 Days at Mean Curding Temperature of 20-25 degree celsius

  • Namdhari Coreopsis Flower Seeds

    • Coreopsis plants love the summer sun and heat
    • Soil should be loosened and weed free
    • Directly sow Coreopsis flower seed outdoors in spring into a prepared seed bed
    • Keep the Coreopsis seed moist until germination
    • Coreopsis Early Sunrise will bloom the first year after sowing flower seed

  • Eastwest Pumpkin Seed-Arjuna F1

    • Skin is Dark Green Color at Immature Stage & Yellowish Orange Color After Full Maturity
    • Good Taste
    • Flat Round Shape Fruit

    3 reviews
    3.67 out of 5
  • Rasi Snake Gourd Seed-Snow Boy F1

    • Vigorous Plants with Monoecious Flowering Habit.
    • Fruit are Ready for 1st Harvest After 62 Days Planting.
    • Fruits are Medium Spindle in Shape with White Shoulder and Base.
    • Fruits are Uniform White in Color with Acute Blossom End.
    • Average Fruit Dimensions 38-40cm Length and 4.5-5.5 Cm Diameter Weighs Approximately 375 Gms

  • Rasi Radish Seed RD-68 F1

    • Semi Upright Plant Habit with Dark Green Deep Cut Broad Leaves.
    • Roots are Ready for Harvest After 47-52 Days Sowing.
    • Straight and White Roots Tapering with 40-45 Cm Length.
    • Average Root Weighs 250-350 Gm without Foliage.
    • Root Flesh is Soft and Crispy with Mild Pungency.
    • Very Late Pithiness.
    • Hard Bolter Under Low Temperature Conditions.
    • Tapering Roots Having Less Breakage at Uprooting From Hard Soil.

  • Rasi Cucumber Seed-Nutan F1

    • Vigorous Vine with Dark Green Leaves .
    • Early Maturity, Fruits are Ready for Harvest After 38-40 Days Sowing.
    • The Average Fruits is 18-22cm Long with 4-5cm Diameter & 200-250 Gm Weight.
    • Good Fruit Set and Suitable for Open Field Growing Conditions.
    • Good Keeping Quality and Taste.
    • Good Branching Bear Straight
    • Uniform Cylindrical Shaped Light Green Fruits with Dark Green Shoulder

  • Continental Sweet Pepper Seed-California Wonder

    • Open Pollinated Variety Suitable for Outdoor Production
    • Fruits are Glossy Deep-Green Turning Red at Full Maturity
    • Medium Tall, Compact indeterminate Plant with Dark Green Leaves
    • Fruits are Blocky (3-4 Lobes), Dark Green.
    • Maturity: Harvesting Start 70 Days From Transplanting
    • Yield Potential: 6 tons / Acre

  • Rasi Pumpkin Seed-Chitra F1

    • Very Vigorous Vine with Excellent Branching Habit.
    • Dark Green to Green Foliage with Monoecious Flowering Habit.
    • Fruits are Attractive Mottle Green with Cylindrical Uniform Shape and Blunt End.
    • Fruits are Uniform with Average Length is 18-20 Cm with Girth 4 Cm.
    • intermediate Resistance to Downey Mildew,Powdery Mildew & Cmv.
    • Fruits are Crispy Taste,Free From Bitter & Excellent Yielder

  • Rasi RCH 650 BGII

    • Big Bolls & Good Boll Bursting
    • Medium Duration
    • More Kapas Weight

    1 review
    5.00 out of 5
  • Rasi Cluster Bean Seed-Anant

    • Dense Foliage with Broad Leaves and Semi Vine Growth Habit.
    • 2-3 Cylindrical Pods Per inflorescence are Light Green in Color.
    • The Harvest Starts 55-60 Days After Sowing

  • Namdhari Chili Seed-NS 222

    • Recommeded for India
    • Vigorous Plants with Green Fruits Turning Deep Glossy Red, 12cm Long and 1.4cm Diameter
    • High Yielding Hybrid Suitable for Both Red Fresh and Red Dry Market

  • Rasi Radish Seed-White Angel F1

    • Semi-Upright Plant Habit and Grows Well.
    • Roots are 45-50 Cm Long,Straight and Pure White.
    • Roots are 45-50 Cm Long,Straight and Pure White.
    • Roots are 45-50 Cm Long,Straight and Pure White.

  • Safal Marglobe Tomato Seed

    • Standard Cultivar
    • Good Productivity
    • Adapted to Humid Conditions

  • Namdhari Chili Seed-NS 727

    • Recommeded for India
    • Hybrid Plants are Tall and Spreading
    • Green Colored Fruits are Long ( 16×1.2cm) with Deep Red Dry and is Medium Pungent

  • Rasi Cauliflower Seed-Everest (12) F1

    • Medium Plant Frame with Semi Erect Medium Blanched Leaf Habit
    • Compact off White to White Curds with An Average Weight Of 900-1000 gm
    • Very Adaptive to Various Agro-Climatic Conditions
    • Matures in 65-70 Days at Mean Curding Temperature of 18-22 degree celsius

  • Namdhari Balsam Flower Seeds

    • It sprouts in only 4-5 days and flowers early, growing to be 12-24″ tall
    • Transplant in late spring after weather has completely warmed
    • Every pack comes with growers guide for successful gardening
    • Bright clusters of double camellia-like flowers come in white, yellow, pink, red, and purple

    1 review
    1.00 out of 5
  • Rasi Ridge Gourd Seed-Mayuri F1

    • Good Plant Vigour with Canopy Type Plant Growth Habit
    • Fruits are Green to Dark in Color.
    • Fruits are Ready for First Harvest After 44-46 Days Sowing.
    • Fruits are Long Elongated with Average Length 52 Cm and Diameter 3.5 Cm.
    • Average Fruit Weights 310-320 Gm.
    • intermediate Resistance for Downy Mildew and Powdery Mildew.

  • Rasi Cucumber Seed Lavanya F1

    • Strong Plants with Excellent Branching.
    • Flowering Habit Is Gynoecious Type.
    • Fruits are White with Slight Light Green Tinge.
    • Cylindrical Shape Medium Long Fruits are 13-15cm in Length and 3.5-4.0cm with Average Weight of 125-175gm.
    • The First Harvest Can Be Done After 38-40 Days Sowing.
    • Very Uniform Fruits with No Bitterness and Hollowness.
    • Intermediate Resistance to DM, PM and CMV.

  • Namdhari Eggplant Seed-NS 797

    • Recommeded for India & Middle East
    • Plants are Vigorous Tall and Spreading.
    • Fruits are Cluster Bearing, Purple Coloured with Long Cylindrical Shape
    • Yields are Very High
    • Does Well Over a Wide Range of Climatic Conditions

  • Namdhari Vinca Flower Seeds

    • Number of Seeds: 20 Seeds
    • Sowing season – Feb to May
    • The stems will root wherever they touch the ground
    • These 5-petaled pinwheel-shaped flowers bring welcome color to a shady spot
    • With pink-scarlet blossoms scattered like stars across a field of emerald green
    • Dwarf Periwinkle is a popular groundcover in the Pikes Peak region
    • The shiny leaves are arranged along stems that may reach three feet in length, but the plants are only six inches high

  • Namdhari Cauliflower Seed-ATI SHIGHRA

    • Recommeded for India
    • This is an Extra Early Summer Cauliflower Hybrid with Open Plant Habit and Good Uniformity
    • Medium White Colour Curds with Good Firmness and Semi Dome Shape
    • Curds are Compact, Suited Well for areas with High Temperature and Humidity

    1 review
    3.00 out of 5

Showing 65–96 of 379 Result