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  • Rasi Ash Gourd Seed-Riddhi F1

    • Strong,Vigorous and Prolific Hybrid.
    • Early Maturity,Ready for Harvest After 70-80 Days Sowing.
    • Uniform Cylindrical Shape Attractive Light Green Fruits with 30-35 Cm Length and 2-3 Kg Weight.
    • White and Crispy inner Flesh with Fine Juicy Texture.
    • Recommended to Harvest at Immature Stage for Better Eating Quality and Wax Less Fruits.

  • Rasi Ash Gourd Seed Viraat (016) F1

    • Vigorous and Prolific Hybrid.
    • Early Maturity Hybrid,Harvesting Can Start 75-80 Days Sowing.
    • Uniform Square Round Green Fruits Which Turns to Waxy at Full Maturity,Weighing Around 6-8kg Each.
    • Very Good internal Quality with Thick Milky White Smooth Firm Flesh,High Flesh Recovery.

Show all 2 Result