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  • Continental Broccoli Seed-Broccoli Rock F1

    • Vigorous early maturity plant type with medium fine beads.
    • Widely Adaptable Variety Performing Well Under Both Cool And Warm Growing areas.
    • Suitable for Use in Both Fresh and Processing industries.
    • Recommended Standard Spacing is 60×45 Cm in Warmer areas and 60×60 Cm for Cool Humid areas.
    • Dome Shaped with Quality Uniform Heads.
    • Medium Maturity in 75 Days After Transplanting.
    • Intermediate Tolerance to Downy Mildew
    • Yield Potential is 8-9 tons per acre

  • Rasi Broccoli Seed-Pluto F1

    • Strong Plant Vigour with Dark Green Leaves.
    • Bluish Green Semi Dome Shaped Compact Head with Medium Size Beads.
    • Mid Early Maturity with Wide Adaptability.
    • Excellent Hybrid for Fresh Market.
    • Heads Mature After 65-70 Days Transplanting.
    • Average Head Weights 500-600 Gm.

Show all 2 Result