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  • Rasi Pumpkin Seed-Samidha F1

    • Extra Early Maturity (70-75 Days).
    • Smooth Flat Fruits with Mottle Green Skin Color Weighing Around 2-2.5 Kg Each.
    • Attractive Orange Flesh Fine Texture with Good Taste and Flavour.
    • Vigorous Plant Growth with Strong and Continuous Fruit Setting Ability

  • Rasi Pumpkin Seed-Krishna F1

    • Vigorous Plants with Strong Fruit Setting Ability (3-4 Fruits Per Plant).
    • Smooth and Slightly Ridged Flat- Round Fruits with Dark Green Skin Colour.
    • Thick Flesh with Attractive Deep-Orange Colour and Fine Texture.
    • High Yield and Early Maturity (75-80 Days)
    • Weigh Around 2.5-3.5 Kg Each

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    3.00 out of 5
  • Rasi Pumpkin Seed-Zeenat F1

    • Very Early Maturity(70-75 Days).
    • Smooth Oval-Round Medium Sized Fruits with Mottled Green Skin Colour.
    • Average Fruit Weight 4.5-5.5 Kg.
    • Orange Thick Flesh Fine Texture and Flavour.
    • Medium Vigorous Growing Plants with High Yield & Good Fruit Setting Ability

  • Rasi Pumpkin Seed-Shaheen F1

    • Early Maturity (75-80 Days).
    • Smooth Flat-Round Pale-Green-Mottled Fruits
    • Average Weight 4-5 Kg.
    • Good Adaptability for Variable Climatic Conditions.
    • Vigorous Growing Plant with Good Fruit Setting Ability and High Yield
    • Light Yellow Color at Maturity with attractive Orange Flesh Good Quality.

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    5.00 out of 5
  • Eastwest Pumpkin Seed-Sonia F1

    • Skin is Bright Green Color at Immature Stage & Brown Color after Full Maturity
    • Sweet Taste
    • Small Cavity

  • Rasi Pumpkin Seed-Paradise F1

    • Early Maturity (70-80 Days)
    • Smooth and Slightly Ridged Flat-Round Fruits with attractive Mottle Green Skin Color.
    • Average Fruit Weighs 3.5-4.5 Kg.
    • attractive Flesh with Deep-Orange Color and Fine Texture.
    • Vigorous Growing Plants
    • Excellent Fruit Setting Ability and High Yield Smooth and Yield

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Rasi Pumpkin Seed-Suchitra F1

    • Early Maturity (70-80 Days), Vigorous Plant with Strong Ability of Continuous Fruit Setting.
    • Beautiful Smooth Slightly Ridged Flat Shaped Fruit with Mottled Green Skin Colour.
    • Average Fruit Weight 2.5-3.5 Kg.Excellent interior with Good Quality Orange Flesh Fine Texture.

  • Mahyco Pumpkin Seed-MPH-1

    • This Variety with a Oblong to Long & Heavy Fruit
    • Orange Yellow Fruit
    • Long Shelf Life

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    5.00 out of 5
  • Rasi Pumpkin Seed Lucky (011)F1

    • Strong Plant Vigour with Medium Early Maturity (75-80 Days) and Good Fruit Setting.
    • Smooth and Slightly Ridged Round Fruits with attractive Mottled Green Skin Colour.
    • Fruit Weighs Between 5-6 Kg with Consistent Uniformity.
    • Flesh with Thick Orange Fine Texture and Quality.
    • Widely Adaptable and High Yielder.

  • Rasi Pumpkin Seed-Chitra F1

    • Very Vigorous Vine with Excellent Branching Habit.
    • Dark Green to Green Foliage with Monoecious Flowering Habit.
    • Fruits are Attractive Mottle Green with Cylindrical Uniform Shape and Blunt End.
    • Fruits are Uniform with Average Length is 18-20 Cm with Girth 4 Cm.
    • intermediate Resistance to Downey Mildew,Powdery Mildew & Cmv.
    • Fruits are Crispy Taste,Free From Bitter & Excellent Yielder

  • Eastwest Pumpkin Seed-Arjuna F1

    • Skin is Dark Green Color at Immature Stage & Yellowish Orange Color After Full Maturity
    • Good Taste
    • Flat Round Shape Fruit

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    3.67 out of 5

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