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Continental Tomato Seed-Danny F1

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Quick Overview
  • Determinate Hybrid with Strong Plant Type and Vigour.
  • Most Ideal for Open Field Production.
  • Recommended Standard Spacing: 60 * 60 Cm
  • Very Firm Oblong Fruits with Shelf Life of over 21 Days
  • Fruit Harvesting Starts 65-70 Days After Transplanting.
  • Ripe Fruits are Deep Red, Suitable for Use in Fresh Market or for Processing.
  • Early Maturing Hybrid with Good Vigour.
  • Tolerant to tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus (TYLCV), Foliar Diseases
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Continental Tomato Seed-Danny F1


  • Determinate hybrid with strong plant type and vigour.
  • Most ideal for Open field Production.
  • Recommended standard spacing:  60 * 60 cm


  • Very firm oblong fruits with shelf life of over 21 days harvested at mature green stage; suited for long distance market.
  • Fruit harvesting starts 65-70 days after transplanting.
  • Ripe fruits are deep red, suitable for use in fresh market or for processing.

Plant features:

  • Early maturing hybrid with good vigour. Good heat setting and high yield potential.
  • Tolerant to Tomato Yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV), foliar diseases and suitable for Bacterial wilt prone areas.
  • Yield potential: Average 25 – 30 Tons / acre under good farming practice.
Key Specifications
Brand Continental
Seed Name Tomato Danny F1
Crop Tomato
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