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Coromandel Fertilizers-GROMOR 28-28-0

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Quick Overview
  • This is the Highest Nitrogen Containing Complex Fertiliser with 28%
  • 19% of Nitrogen is in Urea form and 9% is in Ammonical form
  • Unique Granulation By Coating Prilled Urea with Ammonium Phosphate Layer
  • Granule Configuration Ensures Efficient Utilisation of Nutrients
  • Highly Suitable for Paddy & Wheat
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Coromandel Fertilizers-GROMOR 28-28-0


  • Unique grade offered exclusively by Coromandel.
  • Complex with highest N & P in 1:1 ratio.
  • Unique granulation by coating prilled urea with Ammonium Phosphate layer.
  • Such granule configuration ensures efficient utilisation of nutrients.
  • Highly suitable for Paddy & Wheat
  • GROMOR 28-28-0 is complex fertiliser containing two major nutrients viz. Nitrogen and Phosphorus.
  • This is the highest Nitrogen containing Complex fertilizer with 28%. 19% of Nitrogen is in Urea form and 9% is in Ammonical form.
  • Ammonium Phosphate is coated over Urea prill, due to which the losses from Urea will be minimized.
  • 25.2% out of 28% Phosphate is in water soluble form and easily available to plants.
  • It does not contain any filler and it has 100% nutrient containing material having secondary and micronutrients such as Sulphur, Calcium and Iron.
  • It is an ideal complex fertilizer for all crops for basal application.
  • It gives instantaneous and prolonged greenness.
  • It is most suitable fertiliser for crops like Paddy, Cotton, Chillies, Sugarcane and Vegetables etc
Key Specifications
Brand Coromandel
Fertilizer Name GROMOR 28-28-0
Nitrogen by Weight 0.28
Phosphorus by Weight 0.28
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