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Deepak Fertilizers-Mahadhan Amruta

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Quick Overview
  • Water Soluble Fertilisers
  • Used as Complex Fertilizers
  • Improves Yield
  • Maintains Soil Fertility.
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Deepak Fertilizers-Mahadhan Amruta

Mahadhan Amruta (Water Soluble Fertilisers) Mahadhan Amruta is a set of Water Soluble fertilisers containing NPK along with permitted trace elements which cn be delivered to plants through micro -irrigation systems viz. Drip, sprinkler and through foliar spray. These fertilisers are chemically refined, free flowing, easy to apply by foliar application at a desired concentration. Different ranges of Mahadhan Amruta are available NPK, NP, NK and Pk combination of nutrients which will facilitate to prepare different fertigation as well as foliar application schedules as required.

Salient Feature of Mahadhan Amruta

  •  Completely soluble in irrigation water.
  •  Regular flow of both water and nutrients.
  •  Can be directly applied to the root zone.
  •  Save in nutrients by 35-40%
  •  Acidic in nature, no blocking of drip system
  •  Free from harmful salts.
  •  Versatile utility for fertigation, foliar and side dressing.
  •  Save in time and labour • Ensure balanced nutrition.
  •  Improves yield and quality of crop.
Key Specifications
Brand Deepak Fertilizers
Fertilizer Name Mahadhan Amruta
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