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Deepak Fertilizers-Mahadhan Natural Fertilisers

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Quick Overview
  • Natural Fertilizers
  • Suitable for Fruits & Vegetables
  • Required By High Quality Cash Crops for Precision Application
  • Maintains Soil Fertility.
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Deepak Fertilizers-Mahadhan Natural Fertilisers

Excessive and continuous use of chemical fertilizers results in harmful effect on soil health and it pollutes the environment also. Continuous use of chemicals fertilizer produces imbalance in plant nutrients of soil, which affects the acidity/alkalinity of soils and reduces the fertility and productivity gradually.

Those problems can be solved by integrated application of chemical and organic manure/fertilizer for the following benefits.

  • Balanced plant nutrition.
  • Control of Physical, Chemical and life processes resulting improved soil health.
  • Useful Micro –organisms and their improved activity.
  • Soil becomes porous resulting in better aeration.
  • Improvement in water holding capacity of soil.
  • Stable productivity and quality improvement.
  • Conservation of environment.
Key Specifications
Brand Deepak Fertilizers
Fertilizer Name Mahadhan Natural Fertilisers
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1 review for Deepak Fertilizers-Mahadhan Natural Fertilisers

  1. 4 out of 5


    Mahadhan powergold isa awesome & beneficiri product for farmer for high profit at low investment

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