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Eastwest Onion Seed-Prema

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Quick Overview
  • Suitable for Kharif Season Cultivation
  • High Yield
  • Highly Uniform Bulbs
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Eastwest Onion Seed-Prema

Features :

  • Prema is a vigorous selection with strong, erect foliage development.
  • Bulbs are highly “single” centre and show a very good uniformity in shape and size. Color is attractive bright red.
  • Prema is especially recommended for rainy season cultivation in the tropics. Properly cured bulbs can be stored 2-3 months. PREMA
Key Specifications
Brand Eastwest
Seed Name Prema
Crop Onion
Fruit Shape Globe
Fruit Weight (g) 70-85 (Bulb wt.)
Fruit Color Dark Red
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