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MCF Fertilizers-Mangala 17:17:17

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Quick Overview
  • Granules Are Stronger, Harder and Of Uniform Size Which Facilitates Easy Application
  • Due to High Water Solubility, has a Greater Mobility in the Soil
  • Being Non- Hygroscopic, Can be Conveniently Stored Well Even in High Rainfall Areas
  • Suitable for All Crops Both for initial Application and top Dressing
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MCF Fertilizers-Mangala 17:17:17

Product Description

  • Contains 17% Nitrogen, 17% P2O5and 17 % K2O
  • 17:17:17 contains most important primary nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potash in equal proportion
  • Single most important source of all major nutrients
  • Available in free flowing granular form
  • Granules are stronger, harder and of uniform size

Features & Benefits

  • It has good storage properties
  • Due to high water solubility, has a greater mobility in the soil
  • Being non- hygroscopic, can be conveniently stored well even in high rainfall areas


  • Suitable for all crops both for initial application and top dressing
  • Granules are stronger, harder and of uniform size which facilitates easy application

Technical Details

  • Moisture per cent by weight (maximum) – 1.5
  • Total Nitrogen per cent by weight (minimum) – 17.0
  • Ammoniacal nitrogen per cent by weight (minimum) – 5.0
  • Urea Nitrogen, per cent by weight (maximum) – 12.0
  • Neutral ammonium citrate soluble phosphates (as P2O5), per cent by weight (minimum) – 17.0
  • Water soluble phosphate (as P2O5), per cent by weight (minimum) – 14.5
  • Water soluble potash (as K2O) per cent by weight (minimum) – 17.0
  • Particle size- Not less than 90 per cent of the material shall pass through 4 mm IS sieve and be retained on 1 mm IS sieve. Not more than 5 per cent shall be below 1 mm IS sieve


  • Packing – 50 kg HDPE Bag
Key Specifications
Brand MCF
Fertilizer Name Mangala 17:17:17
Physical Condition Solid
Particle Shape Granular
Particle Size 1 mm to 4 mm
Nitrogen by Weight 0.17
Phosphorus by Weight 0.17
Potash by Weight 0.17
Moisture by Weight 0.015
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