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MCF Fertilizers-Mangala DAP

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Quick Overview
  • Completely Soluble in Water (except for the Portion Used as Filler Material)
  • Being Non- Hygroscopic, Dap can be Conveniently Stored Well Even in High Rainfall Areas
  • Nitrogen being Present in an Easily Absorbed Ammoniacal form, Loss Due to Leaching Is Minimum
  • Recommended for Initial Application
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MCF Fertilizers-Mangala DAP

Product Description

  • DAP contains the second most important primary nutrient element, Phosphorous besides Nitrogen.
  • Single most important source of nutrient Phosphorous.
  • Available in free flowing granular form.
  • For differentiation with other low analysis compound fertilizers, DAP granules are coloured with black.
  • Granules are stronger, harder and of uniform size.

Features & Benefits

  • It is completely soluble in water (except for the portion used as filler material)
  • It has good storage properties.
  • Total water soluble P2O5 helps plants to utilise moisture better and makes roots grow stronger and deeper even in acidic soils
  • Being non- hygroscopic, DAP can be conveniently stored well even in high rainfall areas
  • High concentration of nutrients makes packing, storage and transport costs per unit cost of nutrient very low.
  • Nitrogen being present in an easily absorbed Ammoniacal form, loss due to leaching is minimum.


  • DAP is suitable for all crops and soils
  • Recommended for initial application

Technical Details

  • Moisture per cent by weight (Maximum) – 2.5%
  • Total Nitrogen per cent by weight (Minimum) – 18%
  • Ammoniacal nitrogen form per cent by weight (Minimum) – 15.5%
  • Total Nitrogen in the form of Urea per cent by weight (Maximum) – 2.5%
  • Neutral ammonium citrate soluble phosphates (P2O5) per cent by weight (Minimum) – 46%
  • Water soluble Phosphates (as P2O5) per cent by weight (Minimum) – 41%


  • Packing – 50 kg HDPE Bag
Key Specifications
Brand MCF
Fertilizer Name Mangala DAP
Physical Condition Solid
Particle Shape Granular
Color Black
Nitrogen by Weight 0.18
Posphate by Weight 0.46
Moisture by Weight 0.025
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