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Namdhari Chili Seed-Akash

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Quick Overview
  • Recommeded for India & South East Asia
  • Plants are Tall and Spreading
  • Fruits of This Hybrid are Unique By Their Erect Bearing Habit
  • The Ripe Fruits are Dark Red with Very High Yield
  • It is tolerant to Virus and Has Good adaptability
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Namdhari Chili Seed-Akash

The plants are tall and spreading. The fruits of this hybrid are unique by their erect bearing habit. The immature fruits are light green, glossy, short (6×0.8cm) and highly pungent. The ripe fruits are dark red with very high yield. It is tolerant to virus and has good adaptability.

Key Specifications
Brand Namdhari
Seed Name Akash
Crop Chili
Days to maturity 75 (Green)
85 (Red)
Wall Thickness Thin
Immature Fruit Color Light Green
Mature Fruit Color Red
Pungency SHU 85000
Disease Tolerance Virus
Length * Grith 6*.08
Hybrid Type Upright
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