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Vishavkarma Straw Reaper

Vishavkarma Straw Reaper – VISHAVKARMA 741

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Quick Overview
  • Heavy chassis
  • Heavy Duty Gear Box
  • Fully belt operated machine
  • Reaper is running without load
  • Threshing Drum contains 288 Blades
  • Specially designed straw outer for easy flow of straw
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Vishavkarma Straw Reaper – VISHAVKARMA 741

Vishavkarma Straw Reaper is Tested & Approved by Govt. of INDIA (Ministry of Agriculture). Specially developed for the tough geographical conditions. Vishavkarma Straw Reaper is a threshing machine, cut, threshed & cleaned the straw in one operation. The wheat stalks left after combine harvest are cut by an oscillating blades while revolving reel pushes them back toward & auger. The stalks are conveyed into the machine by the auger & guide drum, which reaches the threshing cylinder which cut the stalks into small pieces against concave.

It give superior separating performance. The short fragment (straw) fall through the bars of the concave. Double Blower operating just behind rushes the straw to trolley attached & separate the dust particles. Our harvester reapers are as per following specification.

Key Specifications
Brand Vishavkarma
Model Straw Reaper – VISHAVKARMA 741
Chassies 62″ (1574.80 mm)
Gear Box Heavy Duty
Thresher Diameter 787.4 mm
No. of Blades (Threshing Drum) 288
Length of Thresher Drum 1422.2
Cutter Bar Length 2057.4 mm
Cutter Bar Diameter 406.4 mm
No. of Blades (Cutter Bar) 28
Blower Diameter 660 mm
No. of Blower 2
Weight 1800 kg
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