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Zuari Fertilizers-Jai Kisaan Urea (46%N)

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Quick Overview
  • Most Recognised Brands Of Urea Amongst Indian Farmers
  • Ideal for Foliar Spraying
  • Low in Biuret Content
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Zuari Fertilizers-Jai Kisaan Urea (46%N)

Zuari’s brand of urea – Jai Kisaan Urea, is one of the most recognised brands of urea amongst Indian farmers. Available in 50kg bags, our urea is ideal for foliar spraying, due to its low biuret content. Foliar spraying is beneficial for plants especially in saline soils as it avoids a further increase in salt concentration. In waterlogged areas, it prevents the leaching loss of Nitrogen. Foliar spraying is also beneficial in dry conditions where there is little soil moisture, as plants are able to assimilate urea through the leaves. Just 2 to 4kg of urea can be dissolved in 100 litres of water can be effectively used for foliar spray.

Urea can either be provided to the crops at time of planting or be top-dressed. Direct contact with the seed is required to ensure urea has an optimal effect. Enriched with ammoniacal nitrogen this fertiliser ensures crops rapidly recover from nitrogen deficiency. As urea is a concentrated fertilizer, the split application of urea is ideal.

Key Specifications
Brand Zuari
Fertilizer Name Jai Kisaan Urea (46%N)
Nitrogen by Weight 0.46
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